Terrorfied Forest

  • 245 Swarthout Rd.
  • Pinckney, MI
  • 734-878-3737
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2014 Haunt of the Year Nominee
The Terrorfied Forest is a 30 acre attraction that takes you deep into darkness. Step into your nightmares and see what’s lurking in these abandoned woods! Navigate your way through heart pounding terror as creatures of the night come out to play. Our 40+ minute walk of almost 1 mile of fear is sure to leave the hair on the back of your neck standing for the entire journey!!

Hillside Mortuary has been unsealed after many long years. Amid strange happenings, and fear for the public, the mortuary was shut down and all windows, doors and exits were boarded up and chained. Rumors of experimentation and sightings of deceased loved ones finally caused the demise of Hillside. Tour the mortuary if you dare and see if you are one of the lucky ones to make it out alive!

These are not for the faint of heart. This is TEEN & ADULT entertainment.

***As a token of our appreciation for our customers, we have added a photo area where you will be able to take pictures with one of our ghouls. You can take your own pics with your phone or camera. Email Haunt Owner
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  • Great Scare at a fair price

    Don't miss this one.

    Posted 10/27/14

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  • Awesome

    They were so good at making you look one way only to scare you from the opposite direction! Very good, had a great time!

    Posted 10/26/14

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  • Love, loved, loved it!!!

    Could have been a tad more in the haunted forest but it was very unique and expienced things i havent in any haunted house/forest. Drove an hour from home, but definitely worth it. I cant wait to go back.

    Posted 10/19/14

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  • GET DER EARLY!!!!!!!!

    This place is scary. Make sure to find the parking ppl with the lighted things to park because they aren't too friendly. Be sure to go early to beat the long lines that will occur if you don't get there early! We only did the forest, which was $18 a person but was worth it we felt. The walk took us about a half hour. Lots of spooky things throughout...pretty impressive. Pitch black maze at the end kinda sucks. But otherwise very good. Just be sure to get there early in the evening or you'll spend the entire night waiting in line with your crazy kids! Or whatever. Happy Halloween! Boo

    Posted 10/19/14

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  • Haven't been yet, But want to go:0

    Reading the reviews and convinced I would like to take family and friends. But does anybody see what they are submitting? Proofread.

    Posted 10/15/14

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  • can't wait to go back!

    Went a few years ago, best I've ever been to!!?

    Posted 10/3/14

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  • House = not so scary ~~~ Forest = Fabulous

    Took a bunch of kids through opening weekend. The house was a disappointment. Not much to see & not very scary. Walked right through with few screams. Needs more excitement added inside. The saving grace was the forest. It was scary. The creatures were spooky, especially the chainsaw ghoul that kept showing up throughout our journey. It's worth another run through the woods!

    Posted 9/23/14

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  • Wonderful stroll through the woods!

    We went here last year and we loved every second of it. Its kinda pricey but I think its worth it for how long the attraction is. If you're rushing through you'll get done pretty quickly (30 minutes?) but if you take your time and just enjoy everything the workers have done (take the time for the suspense of the next scare and just enjoy being out in the woods) it'll take around an hour. The pitch dark maze at the end was cool too.

    Posted 9/17/14

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  • Very good, we'll be going there again next year

    We went to the Terrorfied Forest on the last day of the season (Nov 2nd). I didn’t know what to expect, but it was very good. One guy in our group said it was the best outdoor haunt in Mich. One of the girls had been there before and said that it never disappoints. I agree. We also went to two other haunts this season that were much shorter. In one of them, I paid $10 for only 5 minutes of scares. That’s $2/minute! In comparison, the combo ticket at the Forest was well worth it giving us about 60 minutes of entertainment for $25 (only $0.42/minute).

    Posted 11/10/13

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  • Awesomely scarry but a bit pricey

    We did combo this past Friday night. 14 and 12 year olds and 2 adults. It is freakin incredible, period. Hands down the best! Only complaint is price. $100 for 4 people for about 45 minutes. I understand the price because the season is so limited and it is really good which means it costs alot of money to be this good. I am not sure of the overall value however. Glad we went but probably won't go back.

    Posted 10/21/13

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  • Best Haunted Attraction in Michigan By Far.

    Posted 10/20/13

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  • Awesome experiance

    this place is the bomb! it gets so intense!

    Posted 10/13/13

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  • Excellent experience!!

    The Haunted Forest was excellent - it was more detailed and involved than I expected. But what I was impressed with the MOST was the fact that the "actors" in the forest adjusted the intensity of their effort very well. They picked up on the fact that the girls we took (~12 years old) were getting pretty freaked out and backed off their performance. They even went as far as asking for a "high 5" from one of the girls who was obviously the most frightened. That helped her enjoy the rest of the forest more than I can explain. Well done!!

    Posted 9/28/13

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  • Terrorfied Forest is my new favorite!

    A bunch of us decided to try out the terrorfied forest this weekend, you don't see their name splashed everywhere so I wasn't expecting much...I was wrong!. Omg, it was awesome! This place is so much scarier than so many others we've been to. The scares started as soon as we arrived and they didn't let up until we left! We're coming back in a few weeks with more friends.

    Posted 9/16/13

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  • I'm glad we went here for our first haunt

    this was really good this year. we are thinking about going back for more. do the combo it's worth the money.

    Posted 9/15/13

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  • Best haunted place in Livingston County

    Can't wait to do this again!

    Posted 9/3/13

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  • GOT TO SEE!!!!

    Its a must go, u never know when someone is .going to step out from anywhere and scar u and make sure u use the bathroom before u going through . Its the best haunted experience u will ever go through.

    Posted 10/28/12

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  • Scared the S@*# out of me...

    Seriously, I think I might have pooped a little:) I highly recommend going into both the manor and the forest! It is the longest haunt I have ever been to...definitely worth the money! We will be back next year for sure!!!!

    Posted 10/22/12

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  • The best haunted experience ever!

    Last night a bunch of friends and i went to the terrorfied, it was amazing! We went to some of the other big name haunts in michigan but this blew them all out of the water. If you only go to one haunt, make it the terrorfied forest and you won't be disappointed.

    Posted 10/20/12

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  • Best Haunted House in Michigan

    This is the best haunted house I have ever been to, we have been going now for 4 years and it just gets better! We always do the haunted house and forrest, which lasts a good 45 minutes, unlike other places that only last a short amount of time. My favorite parts are the spinning tunnels and their use of other illusions.

    Posted 10/20/12

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