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Eloise Asylum - Westland MI Haunted Place

  • 30712 Michigan Ave.
  • Westland, MI
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The Eloise Asylum was also known as the Wayne County Poor House, an 1830's poorhouse that later on became a hospital that featured a cemetery with over 7,000 graves. The hospital stopped business in 1984 and its ruins are believed to be haunted. Witnesses have reported apparitions, often a woman wearing white, moans, screams and roars. Today, the site where the hospital once stood has been transformed into a strip mall, a golf course, and condominiums.
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  • Once upon a time...

    The poster up top is incorrect. When it was up and running, Eloise took up a massive area on both sides of Michigan Ave. It included farms, laundered, fire department, all sorts of things needed to help with the main buildings upkeep and make it self sufficient. Most of the outbuildings have been sold off, torn down and replaced with the usual filler businesses. I went into the large building back in 1989 before it was torn down, it used to stand slightly in front and staggered to the side of the Wayne County record building that person is referring to that still stands today. I didn't experience anything strange during our overnight exploration, but it was creepy and eerie and sad walking through the hallways and rooms.

    Posted 5/3/17

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  • not true

    The building is still standing and is now property of Wayne county. It's an office building. I live in the area. There is no strip mall, golf course ir condos anywhere around the area.

    Posted 8/22/16

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  • What i experienced while staying in the shelter on Eloise property

    Back in Dec 2010 to march 2011 my kids and i stayed at the family shelter located next to Eloise in one of the old buildings. I've seen things in the window's of Eloise the top two floors. Things pass by the window or dim lights flashing. Also the shelter i had a few things happen to me. One afternoon i walked into my room my kids were gone at daycare n school. But as i got to my bed my sons soccer ball rolled out from under his bed curved a little n stopped before it got to me. I tried making it happen again but it wouldn't. The other thing was one night around 9pm the grown-ups have chores to do. So all kids have to go to sleep n cant come outta their rooms well my chore was bleaching the toilets n stalls in the womens bathroom. One night i walked in the bathroom and seen the door of the first stall was shut so i said time to finish up n go in your rooms so i can start my chore. After i said that the stall door opened slowly and stopped no one came out so i walked over opened it all the way n no one was there. I was completely alone. I left that bathroom so fast n didnt go back in until the other two girls who did bathroom cleaning came in. I would tell the maintenance men these things n what other families told me about hearing kids running n laughing at 2 n 3am in their rooms. N the maintenance guys said they believe it cause they had things happen to them while they are in the basement like the radio turning on n off by itself knocking on the delivery door n when they open it theres nothing there. My friends daughter who was around maybe 4 yrs old use to talk to a lady in her window at night. N when we asked what she looked like she said shes a nurse in all white. Creepy but cool to experience these thing's.

    Posted 6/14/16

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  • Creepy

    I went to the last few buildings left standing. An administrative building, I believe. We basically wandered around on the property in the middle of the night. It just had a very eerie vibe. We heard crying but couldn't pinpoint where it was coming from. Tried to find the graveyard but we got lost. Not much left standing but very amazing to see in person.

    Posted 6/14/16

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  • My Eloise experience.

    I explored Eloise in the 80's and it was one of the creepiest places I have ever explored. On one occasion I was " touched" on my back and I also heard low inaudible voices numerous times. The tunnels, I must warn you are dangerous. Rumor had it at the time that when the asylum was shut down several patients proceeded to live in the tunnels rather than be put on the street. I can't say what I experienced were "patients", but I came across unstable people while in the tunnels. One stands out to me to this day. I heard very faint laughs one time while in the tunnels. My flashlight went dark for what seemed like hours, but in reality were seconds. When it came back on I could make out a shape just outside the reach of the light. The closer I got, the shape would still be just out of the lights reach. I started to feel as though I was being led further into the labyrinth of tunnels so I decided to turn around. The faint laughs returned as I was retreating, and upon turning around with " that feeling" somebody was following me, there was indeed somebody there. This man was laughing in a low tone, and had madness in his eyes. He never rushed towards me, just stayed about fifteen feet behind me until I reached the place where I entered. When I turned to get one last look he was gone. Was he a patient? Maybe just homeless? I don't know to this day, but will never forget the man in the tunnel.

    Posted 6/14/16

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